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Schwindamania is the portfolio and blog of Jackson, Mississippi graphic designer Darren Schwindaman. I'm currently completing design work for small business and non-profit clients. Contact me if you'd like to work together.


‘Creative Britain’


Brand Republic blogs about the design identity for the Creative Britain conference. The conference is part of an overall plan started in February 2008 by the British government to build the creative local economy. Wouldn’t it be great if Mississippi had something like this on the state level?

There’s a large swath of Mississippi small businesses and nonprofit organizations who aren’t being served. Most of my clients are people who haven’t worked with a designer before. Creativity through design and marketing is a great equalizer for local businesses to compete on the same stage with larger corporations.

Leadership in Mississippi to build the creative class economy could take the following forms:

  • Tax incentives for small businesses to use towards design & marketing
  • Emphasis on innovative public outreach for MS state interests like public health, voting registration, and disaster preparedness
  • Coordination and collaboration between the different creative disciplines such as music, fine art, architecture, and graphic design

It’s important to remember that when people are nervous about the economy, they’re looking for leadership. Because its role is one of communication, design is uniquely positioned for organizations and companies looking to put on a strong face for consumers and help lead them back to confidence.

Posted on Oct 28, 2008 - 11:15 PM


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