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Coffee Shops


I’m at the Barking Dog Coffee Shop in Sonoma, California. My girlfriend Melia’s at a meeting with the superintendent of schools here about incorporating some of the ideas surrounding her project into the system. I’m going to give this shop a rating of 9 on a scale of 10. It’s awesome, fulfilling the following parameters:

    Sturdy wooden furniture. I like coffee shops with furniture that’s reminiscent of an old bank. Solid furniture helps me get a good footing while I’m doing work. The chairs need to be sturdy so I don’t rock around all over the place, and the smallest table needs to be wide enough for my computer, elbows, and coffee. Square tables, please. Also, an overall brown color aesthetic is awesome.

    Great music. I don’t need things to be totally silent, and appreciate enjoyable music. The Shins, Nick Drake, Imogen Heap, etc. playing here could come right from my iTunes. I approve.

    Awesome brewed coffee. Do you think I go to coffee shops just to hang around like some layabout? No, I want great coffee! I look for a choice of brewed coffees, with around 3 available brews, including one (preferably hazelnut) flavored option.

    Refill option. The Barking Dog has 50-cent refills after I buy a cup. Seems reasonable, no?

Overall, these conditions will ensure a quality coffee experience for me, and more enjoyable design work for clients. Everybody wins.

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