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Schwindamania is the portfolio and blog of Jackson, Mississippi graphic designer Darren Schwindaman. I'm currently completing design work for small business and non-profit clients. Contact me if you'd like to work together.


CNN Money covers ‘Indie Jackson’

Hit up this link to see an excellent piece by CNN Money covering the independent entrepreneurs who are offering an eclectic mix of businesses here in Jackson. Lots of great stuff to see and do! 

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‘Dear Mr. President’

I’m featured on CNNmoney.com as part of a special Inauguration Day feature on what people around the country would like to see from Obama’s administration. Check it out at this link:

Here’s a quick snippet:

I’m not feeling any cutback in business yet, and honestly that’s because Jackson is so hungry for young, creative professionals. The area has been so underserved for so long that even with some people being nervous about spending money, there is still plenty of work.

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Turning Challenges into Positives

In addition to creating visual designs and websites for clients, I also assist with consulting. In consulting, one of my main goals is always to find ways to turn a business’ challenges into positives. Here’s an example:

My father Dale Schwindaman’s real estate law practice has been slow of late, as people are reluctant to make real estate purchases and sales. The solution to this challenge isn’t to hunker down and ride out the storm, waiting for economic factors outside of our control to rebound. In setting a strategy, I’ve outlined for the practice several positive steps to take:

1. Recognize the challenge. People out there are reading the news and talking about “the real estate crisis” all the time. No one is served by pretending everything is rosy when in reality it isn’t. We’ve changed print ads to mention the current climate.

2. Present a solution. People out there still do need to make real estate sales. What we’ve done is to recognize that there’s uncertainty, and say that it is exactly because of that uncertainty that Dale Schwindaman is the correct real estate lawyer to use for one’s real estate transaction. After all, with many delicate factors coming into alignment to make a real estate sale happen, the last thing someone wants is for an inexperienced real estate attorney to botch the deal.

3. Diversify. While closing real estate sales might be slow, there are other revenue streams available. People might not know, however, that a real estate attorney can shepherd mortgage refinancing. We’ve changed advertising to reflect this.

4. Reframe the situation. Much of the current economic slowdown can be traced to nervousness among people, not necessarily a reflection of a real loss of value. Using editorial resources available in local newsletters, we’ve been able to get Dale a column space to provide his expertise about real estate issues. In addition to promoting his legal services, the editorial space helps to put people’s minds at ease, and frame the debate in a way that’s positive for his business.

There’s always opportunity during times when other people are nervous for an organization or business to be innovative with their approach.

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New Shirt: Buy Local

Had a great night tonight at Fondren Unwrapped selling Pulp brand t-shirt designs and unveiling my new shirt, Buy Local:

image The design is meant to be very versatile, and suggest that it’s being shouted through a megaphone. I’ve also heard that it feels like Superman, and anyone who shops local is a superhero… an economic superhero.

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Where I Shop Local

Check out the Google Map in this blog’s sidebar. I’ve marked waypoints at the local businesses where I go in my regular travels. There are lots of awesome places around. Although I’m writing about places in Jackson, MS, where do you shop local?

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Buying Local at Fondren After 5

Had a great time at Fondren After 5 tonight with lots of great local businesses and organizations. One Blu Wall in the Fondren Corner building has some great artwork, and Robin is super-cool. I dig their innovative business model towards showcasing and selling art, and young professionals with a little extra income can find some great pieces there. It’s always great to catch up with the Jackson Free Press.

I spent most of the night at Sneaky Bean, listening to Johnny Bertram play. The weather was perfect, and everything was great at the coffee shop’s patio. Caught up with Amanda of the new Jackson sensation ‘The Bachelorettes,’ promoting Saturday’s Wig Party. Awesome.

The community aspect of Jackson was on display in full force tonight. It’s possible here to go to an event and see literally everybody. As people are nervous about spending money, it’s a great opportunity to band together and use the trust gained from community connections to support local businesses. At the same time, it’s important for local businesses to respect the community by putting forth their best effort in food, price, or service.

For me, it means being professional with my design clients, getting things done well and on time, being responsive, and doing the most creative work possible. For my clients, it means showing customers a thought-out image that’s fun, innovative, and connects with them on a deeper level than any corporate brand possibly could.

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